Divorce is a big deal more often than it isn’t. There’s usually some splitting of assets to be done and then there might be custody to be dealt with and there is often some future planning to be done as well. The problem is you have to think of things you wouldn’t normally have to consider – it is a bit like asking a 10-year old to make a will. They don’t even know what they don’t know.

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The American Psychological society did a survey which suggested in the end that men want to be in marriages just as much as women do – in fact, things went further when normal heterosexual partners were asked to sleep apart, the quality of her sleep went up. His went down! More women initiate divorce proceedings than men do.

Inevitably this is an area of contention and dealing with it is capable of getting on the last nerve of the most even-tempered of us. Any divorce lawyer in Lake Forest IL is there to find a way through a prickly situation.

A divorce lawyer is going to ‘take a side’ they are being paid to do so. Their job is to get the best settlement for their client. And take a look at the words on most websites, they see their job as fighting for their clients.

Keeping a divorce amicable is about finding ways to agree not to disagree – and here’s a word to the wise, even taking all his / her money is not going to make it hurt less. At the end of it, you have to live with yourself. So, behave like the decent person you are, get the lawyers to fix the pieces you can’t but agree as much as you can in advance.