MailExpress engineered OnTrack™ technology to address voids in accountability, manageability and tracking capabilities that exist in the shipping and mailing industry today. We have invested millions of dollars in this technology and next generation automation to expedite the process from pickup to delivery. Most importantly, the system is flexible and adapts to fit your company’s unique mail supply chain. OnTrack sets new standards for:

  • Advanced Design. The Web-enabled and integrated system combines the benefits of XML, Oracle and Java technologies.
  • Customization. OnTrack’s modular design adapts to each customer’s products and service needs, allowing MailExpress to customize to customers’ operational, sales and financial platforms.
  • Integration and Support. OnTrack integrates seamlessly with your data management practices and provides endless customization options for linking and delivering information to your business systems and processes. Due to the Web-enabled design, OnTrack interfaces with customers’ existing automation and requires little IT involvement on the part of the mailer or shipper.
  • Price Assurance. Unique customer IDs, 100% barcode scanning, and tracking ensure you are properly billed for your mail and eliminate overcharges due to erroneous counts.
  • Automation. The MailExpress network offers state-of-the-art presort automation technology. Powered by OnTrack, this next generation automation customizes a suite of tracking services to each piece of mail.

What does this mean to you? First-ever services such as:

  • Online, Real-Time Tracking. Our system architecture is centralized to give you real-time tracking information, accessed through our Online, Real-Time Portal.
  • Customized reporting. Invoices and reports can be custom-designed to track cost centers, products, projects, departments, campaigns, unique pieces and other criteria.
  • Identification of misaddressed mail. MailExpress scans each individual piece of mail before it enters the mailstream, identifies misaddressed mail and works with the customer to correct the address. This keeps misaddressed mail from entering the mailstream. Misrouted or incorrectly addressed mail is a significant issue for the mailing industry. Industry estimates suggest that between 2-4% of all mail is either misrouted or undeliverable, which negatively impacts your cash flow and customer response.
  • Identification of misrouted mail. OnTrack™ systematically finds and retrieves misrouted mail, upgrades it to express shipment and sends it to the customer at our expense to eliminate any delays and impact to customer service.
  • Precautions against package tampering. MailExpress weighs and reweighs each piece of mail to identify packages that could have been tampered with at some point in the logistics supply chain. Tracking the weight also helps customers flag orders that may have been filled incorrectly.
  • Mail & Parcel Retrieval (MPR™). Until your mail is physically handed off by MailExpress to the USPS processing and distribution center, customers can recall mail or ask for an exception process to occur. Customers have 12 to 24 hours from time of pickup to reroute, retrieve or upgrade the service on any and every piece of mail or small parcel.

The Technology Enabled and Delivery Guaranteed” class of mail.

We specialize in the expedited delivery of mail and small packages larger than a letter and less than a pound … with first class speed, online tracking, real-time analytics, customized reporting, and backed by the industry’s only 4x money back guarantee … and best of all it costs less than first class.

Take Control of Your Mail

Businesses are spending billions annually and the U.S. Postal Service is spending more than $1 billion each year on misrouted mail due to bad address management, according to the U.S. Postmaster General. MailExpress is the first company in the industry to prevent misaddressed mail from entering the mailstream. Our process detects misaddressed mail, corrects it and upgrades its priority to meet the delivery time of 1-5 days. This reduces costs for misrouted mail and ensures that service to your customer is not disrupted.

MailExpress leverages speed, tracking and information to give you greater control over your mail and its ultimate effectiveness. Our turnkey process includes:

Whether you need one or multiple pickups, MailExpress tailors a schedule to meet your needs and applications. Our drivers are bonded and can meet specific security requests.