Expedited Mail Services

Expedited Mail Services

Expedited Mail Services

Great Service and Affordable Mail Solutions

MailExpress is the only company in the industry focused solely on Expedited Mail. As the standard-bearer for Expedited Mail, we provide the most innovative solutions to business mailers at the lowest possible cost. For instance, MailExpress is the only company that prevents misaddressed and miss routed mail from entering the mailstream. This feature saves companies on postage for misdirected packages, costs to process returned packages, expenditures to refill orders, postage for the new packages and mailroom staffing needed for this lengthy process. MailExpress also ensures customer service is not disrupted. Your customer receives the package on time. In contrast, a typical delay for a misrouted first class package is up to 21 days.

Expedited Mail Services

MailExpress offers a full suite of Expedited Mail services for the following products:

Items that qualify for Expedited Mail service are governed by the United States Postal Service. The experts at MailExpress will analyze your requirements and recommend the best product based on physical characteristics and service level desired.

Our Expedited Mail Network

Covering the Nation

MailExpress works with the U.S. Postal Service to provide the most comprehensive network for Expedited Mail in the United States. Our custom-built network moves mail in a manner that is fast, accurate, trackable and cost-effective. Serving customers nationwide, MailExpress:

  • Collects from customers anywhere in the United States.
  • Transports to a MailExpress Processing Center.
  • Speeds mail on the Next Flight Out to the MailExpress Destination Center.
  • Distributes mail to the USPS for final mile delivery.

Customized to Your Mailing Needs

The MailExpress network is uniquely designed to integrate with customers’ operations at any point in your mail supply chain. MailExpress can work with customers using customized scenarios such as:

  • End-to-end. MailExpress collects from customers’ sites, processes mail through our origin and destination facilities and distributes it to the USPS for “final mile” delivery.
  • On-Site. MailExpress works with customers to process mail on-site at the customer’s location. Then MailExpress transports it directly to our destination facilities and distributes it to the USPS for final mile delivery.

No potential solution is ignored. The MailExpress team will consult with you to design the most effective solution for your needs. For instance, MailExpress met with one client and recommended that origin transportation be retained by the existing service provider and that MailExpress take over destination processing. This customer maintained what was already working well and added MailExpress’ tracking and delivery process to achieve the most efficient overall product delivery solution.

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