Divorce is hard, even when the relationship has gone south and you’re ready to go your separate ways. The history and family that’s been made with this individual can leave you with a bag of mixed emotions that cause you to become overwhelmed or uneasy about the pending divorce. Use the 5 tips below to relax and make it through the divorce with sanity intact.

Tip One: Go to Court Prepared

Not only should certain items be left at home when it’s time to attend your hearing in family court seattle wa, but you should know what to have with you for the hearing. This is especially important for anyone working without a lawyer.

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Tip Two: Know the Rules

There are certain rules of the court that everyone is expected to follow during their hearing. Familiarize yourself with these rules and be sure that you abide by them all. Most courts do not allow cell phones to be turned on inside of the court room nor do they allow food to be brought inside.

Tip Three: Arrive Early

Waiting until the last minute is never a good idea, especially on a day as important as your court hearing. Make sure you arrive at the court ahead of the time for court to start to talk to the attorney and otherwise sit back and relax before it is time to go before a judge.

Tip Four: Expect a Continuance

If you go to court expecting the case to be rectified, you may find yourself disappointed when it is continued until another day. So often, cases are continued in order to give the parties time to gather evidence or to ensure the judge has time to hear the case.

Tip Five: It’s Not Like What You See on TV

Many people who’ve never been to court before expect to enter a scene similar to what they see on the court shows on TV, but real life court is nothing like what you see on the screen.